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This is an assortment of all Unit Newsletters from January 2019 until December 2019. This includes the newsletters:

  • January – Advanced Emotional Selling: How to Use the 8 Core Emotions to Make People Cry and Buy
  • February – How to Go From Good to Great. The Secret to Turning One Sale Into Countless Sales.
  • March & April – Why I Wrote My Book (And What You Can Learn From It) A Special Double Issue For The 1-Year Anniversary of The Unit
  • May – You’ve Been Lied To. (Re-read This In 6 Months)
  • June – The TRUTH About Money
  • July – This 4 Letter Phrase Can Change Your Life. The Story I Didn’t Want to Write.
  • August – How to Get Lucky
  • September – Leverage. The One Question That’s Made Me More Money Than Anything Else.
  • October – A Simple Guide To Becoming More Successful By Not Being a Boring Piece of Shit
  • November – How to Not Be Boring, Part 2
  • December – How to Not Be Boring, Part 3. Words Matter.

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