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Here’s the email that went out to the club in October 2019:

This month marks that it’s officially been one year since EMOM started.

If you’ve been here from the beginning that’s 60 proven templates you have in your hands.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, I’d like to share 60 lessons with you.

I want to make it easier to cash checks with the templates already in your possession…

But I must warn you. Some of these are probably not popular opinions on the internet. Or “nice”. Some may even feel scammy. But these are just my notes from studying…

A) what people say
B) what people do
C) comparing the two

If you’re ok with that, please proceed on.

(Otherwise, your templates are at the bottom of this email.)

So let’s get right into it:

1) Wanna know the BEST thing that you can do for your business today? Grow your revenue without increasing your time commitment.
2) It has never been easier to automate your business. Systems like auto-responders and email automations are like found money. Use them!
3) The closer you are to the sale, the more time you want to spend living in the customer’s mind.
4) Don’t go full automation. Your business will sound like a robot. Use emails to get folks on the phone or meet in person.
5) Closing sales is all about the balance of trust and desire. Don’t expect to take her home on the first date.
6) Focus on the second sale. No one does this!
7) If you want the second sale, find better problems that your customers need to solve. Not sure how to find these? Send them an email or call them up. 🙂
8) Automate asking for testimonials to turn one sale into two.
9) Sales work better when you are clear and honest about why your customer needs to buy NOW.
10) Sales work better when people can SEE (undeniable proof) others taking action.
11) If you are going to launch a new thing, make sure your list actually wants it first.
12) Dimensionalize your product or service. This means different benefits strike different people in different ways. Talk about each benefit individually to pull in the most people.
13) Use laziness to your advantage. Make your product that bridge your customer has to cross for that really easy win.
14) If you have a physical product, nothing sells better than demonstration.
15) Ok, actually customers demonstrating your product sells even better.
16) Talk to your prospects at a 3rd grade level. Anything higher and you risk losing people (even if you’re selling to rocket scientists).
17) Templates don’t just work for email. What if you put one in an envelope and mailed it to your prospects? Just a thought.
18) They say it takes an average of 8 touches before a cold prospect becomes a customer. Q: Do you have 8 touches planned in your current lead gen system right now?
19) Make marketing fun. It doesn’t have to feel like you’re selling timeshares in the a Hampton Inn off the interstate.
20) Your prospect isn’t an idiot. If you tell them that something is “shocking”, “amazing”, “never-before seen”, it better be. Otherwise you lose trust and s**t goes downhill.
21) The only exception to this is if you are talking to NEW people. It’s a new experience for them.
22) Your serious prospects will forgive you for mistakes of omission.
23) Your serious prospects will NOT forgive you for mistakes of deception.
24) Your serious prospects want to be sold to. A lot. They’re serious for a reason. Serious about solving the d*mn problem.
25) Your casual prospects get offended when you sell. They are disappointed when they buy. And they don’t tend ever solve their problem (at least not with you).
26) You want to disqualify and kick out your casual prospects ASAP.
27) Give your casual prospects a “parting gift” if you can. It pays to leave people smiling.
28) You want to make your prospect think about a completely different part of their lives. Then connect it with your product. They’ll never be able to look at that activity the same way ever again without thinking about you.
29) Make it clear that doing nothing is expensive and painful.
30) Create winners and losers in your thought world. What the losers have in common is that they didn’t buy your product.
31) Don’t be mean-spirited. It’s a bigger turnoff than your kid walking in on you and your wife dancing the horizontal boogaloo.
32) The difference between being mean-spirited and constructive criticizing is empathy. Make it clear that you “get” what the person/group that you are criticizing is going through.
33) The only time it EVER pays to be mean-spirited is when you are attacking a common enemy. Like literally the polar opposite of your list.
34) Create a category for your product that is all your own.
35) If you want to get better at selling, get better at dating. Credit Robert Kiyosaki , author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.
36) One of the best rules to borrow from dating is “bouncing”. Talk to your prospect across many mediums (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc).
37) Turn your problems into paydays. Make bad things good times for your prospects.
38) From Name emails work. Use them.
39) The future of marketing is all about segmentation. Treat prospects as uniquely as possible. Email makes this super easy.
40) I have yet to meet someone who actually uses segmentation to its fullest potential. Even while working alongside some of the greatest marketers on the planet.
41) Raise the stakes. Make the decision about SO much more than buying your product.
42) Prospects want to get kicked off of the fence. But they’re scared.
43) When your prospect opens their mouth, they are giving you valuable clues. These clues are the 6Ws of selling them… who, what, where, why, when, and how.
44) The best emails ever talk about things that every single human on this planet has been through before age 4.
45) Everyone loves more money, more time, more s3x, and more food.
46) BUT there is ONE thing that everyone desires more than ANYTHING else in the world… to be witnessed and approved of.
47) Change the size of the boogey man your prospect is facing based on what you want your prospect to feel. Make him big at the beginning of the relationship. Fear, pain, and anger (angst). Make him smaller as your prospect imagines themselves using your product. Joy, passion, anger (revenge). Make him big again when you takeaway your product if the prospect doesn’t buy. Pain, fear, anger, shame, guilt (loss).
48) Don’t be clever for cleverness’ sake. Do it so the prospect can see your product through a new lens.
49) Framing matters. Do it early and clearly.
50) You wanna be a brilliant copywriter? Don’t control your prospect’s decisions. Control their lens through which they MAKE decisions. Credit James Steadman for the idea.
51) Make things look as “natural” as possible. You want people to feel like buying your s**t is just common sense.
52) It pays to survey. Bonus points if you can rhyme too.
53) Sell the click not the product in email. Your sales page should do the heavy lifting.
54) When in doubt, ask people to committ to the less intense of two actions. For example, watching a 15 minute video vs. buying your product. But sell just as hard for both actions.
55) Don’t ever forget to thank people for listening to you. Their attention is a gift.
56) Curiosity sells clicks better than anything else.
57) Create curiosity with open loops that involve the lives of people on your list.
58) Once someone has committed to you as a customer, it’s really really REALLY easy to keep them. But you do have to ask.
59) Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Make it step by step. People want to be told what to do next.
60) Work on yourself and especially your emotional blocks. In my opionion. The entire game of business can be boiled down to overcoming emotional blocks.

WHEW. That turned out to be WAY longer than I expected.

Ok. Go add the October 2019 Templates to your cart. I’d say more about them, but I don’t want to keep you any longer. It’s time to implement these 60 lessons now.

If you have any questions, please reach out.


James “New Year, New Lessons” Barger


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