Emails of The Month Club – Nov 2018



Hey it’s James Barger. Ian’s right hand guy.

These 5 email templates have made the cash register sing many a time for our friend Ian Stanley. If have trouble writing emails that sell for either info products or services, these are going to be winners. You can use these for eComm too. But they work best in “passion” niches.

This month’s templates are simple and should help to get some sales of your own right away.

But you might be wondering, “Who is this James guy?”

I’m here to deliver your templates and make sure you’re stoked with the product. I was once in your shoes using Ian’s products to serve my clients as a freelancer. I know first-hand these will work once you’ve tried them.

So let’s get right into the 5 templates…

Dont – Perfect to give your market a little fear to nudge them into a sale.

Fine – The easiest way to get someone from being “fine” to being “excellent”… by buying your stuff.

The Prison and the Playground – Mindbending correlation email that completely reframes your product as the ultimate freedom from their pain.

Read this if you’ve – Tie your prospect’s problems directly to your product or service.

Schwarzenegger’s #1 reason people fail – Arnold’s secret to successfully selling your market off the fence.


James “Here to serve” Barger


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