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Here’s the email that went out to the club in May 2019:

This month we wanted to try something a little bit different.
As with any profession, the higher up you go, the less and less “new” people you begin to meet.
But this isn’t like a it’s-lonely-at-the-top kind of thing. It’s more like you get to build much deeper, more lasting relationships. You really get to know people. I believe this is where the most valuable relationships happen.
Just picture the people who’ve been most influential in your life.
(Most of them are people you’ve probably known for years…)
These relationships come with all sorts of gifts too.
For example, this month Ian decided to “share” some gifts he’s gotten while befriending some of the best young copywriters in the world.
Who are these mystery men?
Both of these guys are two of the top guns in direct response.
I would highly recommend you get on their list or follow them on Instagram. They give away really smart sounding words (for free) that make people buy s**t.
Ross is an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer of sorts to some large companies you know and larger ones you don’t know exist.
Mike works in Dan Ferrari’s agency, DigIn, and has been writing for the Agora companies.
Both of them offered to write a few templates for you this month as a favor to Ian.
(I won’t tell you what Ian had to do for them in exchange… some things are better left to the imagination.)
So without further ado, I’d like to show you some of the best emails they’ve ever written to use as your own:
Ross’ Templates:
Webinar Call — This is a great way to announce a webinar and frame it so it doesn’t sound like a webinar. It gets people focused on the benefits of your products and services… instead of spending 60 minutes watching you talk on a computer screen.
Welcome Punch 1-2 Combo — Haven’t bought that welcome email template from Ian yet or want to try something different? Use this. It’s probably the best 2-email welcome sequence I’ve seen in a tick.
Future You — **I’m not gonna spoil anything Avenger’s related**… but time travel is one powerful way to tell a story. Especially when the character traveling through time is your customer.
Mike’s Template:
Secret Announcement — What if 80-90% of the time you spent creating your last full product launch was a waste?
This is a really cool, low-key way to do a product launch without doing a full launch sequence. Ian does this a lot. It’s what I think has allowed us to successfully launch over 12+ products in the last 6 months (including EMOM).
Have a product you are even thinking about launching but you just can’t seem to “find the time”? Write a sales page for it (don’t create it)**. Use this email. See what the buying response is. Then create the product.
**Please be careful with this. Make it clear you will release the product later. Don’t add “instant access” or “sent immediately via email”. Breaking expectations will cause customers to break up with you…
Ian’s Template:
Download this template — This is one of Ian’s best performing emails that doubles as a registration & show-up booster for webinars. Great for any webinar presentations you have in the pipeline.
That’s all the templates we have for you this month. You’ll get a link to download them in your favorite file format (PDFs, text files, or Word Docs) once you purchase them here.
And don’t forget to follow those two copywriters above! You can follow Mike Abramov on Instagram here and you can get on Ross’ email list here.
They are both “ones to watch” as direct response marketers.
James “New Writer Who Dis” Barger


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