Emails of the Month Club – June 2019



Here’s the email that went out to the club in June 2019:

Sup EMOM members!

James here.

As you may have already seen, we ran a day late on the EMOM templates.

Our apologies for all this.

Turns out that 4 days of workshops take more time and energy than you’d expect. I’d love to share some insights with you from this Monday’s Copy Day with David Deutsch and Ian.

(Yes, that David Deutsch. I was fanboy-ing all weekend.)

But for the sake of speed, let’s get you those templates asap.

Here they are with Ian’s descriptions…

1. Why you should NOT buy – This one comes from subscriber Robert Allen. (I paypal-ed him $50 for this one.) This email made $210k at the end of a sale. That’s a decent chunk of cheddar.

It basically walks your prospects through the 5 types of people that should NOT buy the product. It’s a powerful message. I see why it did so well. I restructured it a bit so it can be used in any industry.

2. Some things I’m thinking about – This is a really solid content email to build a bond with your list. Your list opens your emails because they want to know what you THINK about things. Use this to share your thoughts with them.

3. Links – I just realized that this email is one of the highest open rate and click through emails I’ve ever sent. It got CRAZY high opens. Then it proceeded to sell a ton of product because of the structure of it. This alone should at least pay for a years worth of subscription to the club (maybe a LOT more depending on your list).

4. Content trigger – I’m super hesitant to share this one. The only time I’ve talked about this strategy was at my $10,000 email copy and deliverability workshop. If you learn this strategy, please just don’t share it. Seriously I’ve done so much testing to create this strategy. Please respect that.

5. I don’t want to do this – This email got an INSANE click through rate. Like crazy high. The curiosity and emotional triggering is strong with this one. Use it when you want people to click through to a video, sales page, article, or whatever else.

You can download all these templates immediately in PDF, Word Doc, or Text file when you purchase.

Next month I’ll share the cool email copy stuff I gleaned from David Deutsch and Ian at the workshop.


James “Money loves speed” Barger


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