Emails of the Month Club – January 2020



Here’s the email that went out to the club in January 2020:

Hey guys, first off I wanna apologize.

The templates are supposed to go out on the first Monday of each month. Today is Tuesday. That’s one day late.

That’s my bad.

Between the new year and the writing challenge launch I didn’t get them fully ready by yesterday morning. I thought I’d finish them yesterday afternoon.

But I got stung by a sting ray. (You can check my instagram for proof.)

If you haven’t been stung by a sting ray, I recommend you don’t try it for yourself.

Some people responded and said “I’ve been stung by a jellyfish. It sucks.”

Well, I’ve been stung by a jellyfish too. It hurt a little bit for about a minute. That’s it.

The sting ray was some of the worst physical pain I’ve felt for almost 3 hours. I couldn’t walk or move once I got home. I had to keep my foot in scalding hot water or I’d almost pass out.

I have a really high pain tolerance. And I almost blacked out walking up my stairs to my house. I’ve heard people pass out cold from the pain right there on the beach.

Comparing a jellyfish sting to a sting ray sting is like comparing a light breeze to a hurricane.

Anyways, that’s my bad. I finished the templates this morning. Apologies for the delay. (My foot is fine now btw. It’s a bit sore and bruised but nothing too bad.)

And as a way of saying sorry I’m gonna record a little video to go over one of the templates for you.

I really believe the google doc template can pay for years of your EMOM subscription if you use it properly. So I’m gonna record a screen share to help you make the most of it.

Get your templates for January 2020…


Talk soon,

Ian Stanley


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