Emails of the Month Club – Feb 2019



Here’s the email that went out to the club in February 2019:

This month’s templates could easily add 10-30% to the right person’s business. (Or a lot more depending on dialed in your email follow up is.)

No hype. (This is James Barger from Ian Stanley’s team btw.)

Stop me if you’ve ever heard a business owner say…

“I know I could make an extra $3-10K (or $100k) profit a month if I did that…”
“That could probably increase our revenue by 15-20% if we just set it up…”
“Our last product launch was a total flop. Problem is we didn’t ask our customers beforehand…”

I don’t know if you are planning to go to Traffic and Conversion in San Diego this year. But I expect that I’ll hear a LOT of these same quotes. I know because I heard it last year too…

It’s like a gallery of “Why I’m Not Making As Much As I (We) Should.”

I’m not trying to shame these folks. It happens to all of us.

We’re all trying to wear a million hats and make sure our customers are getting the best. Things fall through the cracks. Even for really successful business owners.

These quotes above came from 6, 7, and 8-figure business owners.

It’s always like that super dooper important work that we’re always putting off. And it’s damn near criminal how easy some of these dollars are to pick up.

Like it would literally take them 15 minutes to pick up an extra 10-30% in top line revenue. Not a joke.

You wanna know how?

By using this month’s email templates.

Like this should be the first tool in your bag of tricks if you’re a consultant, freelancer, or agency owner. It’s soooo easy to pitch a client on these. And you can still charge a pretty penny for the value it delivers.

I’m talking about cart abandonment emails and survey emails. These are the secret weapons of the world’s greatest marketers.

And it’s easy money to forget picking up.

And if we’re gonna completely pull back the kimono here… we’ve even forgotten to implement these inside Stand Up Conversions (sometimes).

(*covers face with hands in shame*)

So don’t make our mistakes. Download the cart abandonment emails and survey emails today. You’ll get them in PDF, text file, and Word Doc formats as soon as you buy these templates.

Then start making money with your next batch of traffic…

Go make that ez munny,

James “Easy Button” Barger


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