Emails of the Month Club – December 2019



Here’s the email that went out to the club in December 2019:

Hey guys,

You’re gonna wanna get the templates for December.

Once you click on each email you’ll see a description of each email and how to best use it.

My recommendation is to click on each one right now and read the descriptions. Then decide which ones are a good match for your list and when you’re going to send them.

My hope is that you can use all five templates every month. But that’s not realistic for all of you.

If you only use one of them, I’m sure you’ll make back your investment and save yourself some time in the process.

The Thank You email should be used by ALL of you. It works really well.

Also highly recommend the “we didn’t wanna share this” if you’re looking for big clicks.

“It’s backkkk” is great for a product you’ve previously sold out of or stopped selling.

“Make this list” is a great “connection email.”

And “Choose Your Path” is amazing – especially if you use triggers.

Feel free to respond with any comments or recommendations for this membership. My goal is to make it better every month.

And I’m also curious, is there anything else you’d want with your membership to make it more valuable?

Ian “test them and report back” Stanley


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