Emails of the Month Club – July 2019



Here’s the email that went out to the club in July 2019:

Sup EMOM members!

James Barger didn’t know who was gonna cover for him that day…

Langridge here. MAYBE you know me from The Unit. MAYBE you don’t.

Remember NEVER write in absolutes in your copy.

I’m filling in for Other James. He’s somewhere an hour ahead and about 1200 miles South West of me. Climbing mountains.


So while he’s straddling the French/Italian/Swiss border, you’re gonna have to put up with me. Soz.

I’ll get right to the good stuff…

1. Anti-Marketing Email – The idea behind this email is simple. Talk about the opposite of what is commonly spoken about in your niche. You can do this about anything you want.
1. Find topic that people commonly talk about. For example: Keto.
2. Talk about the opposite solution. For example: A high carb diet.

My friend Rusty Moore does this with his list all the time. Everyone talks about “how to get lean without cardio.” So he says “how to use cardio to get lean.”

I highly recommend getting on his email list. He’s one of the only people whose emails I read almost every time he sends one.

2. Choose Your Own Adventure – You can use this email in a few different ways. Either send them to a specific sales page or article based on the link they click…

OR you can use trigger emails to get a crazy response. I haven’t taught triggers in anything other than my $10,000 email copy and deliverability workshop because it’s just that valuable.

But I will tell you that this email did 13x more than any other email I’ve ever sent. It resulted in a nice little five figure payday.

3. Poke holes in the guru 

If you’re familiar with Ian’s 8020 Email Copy Crash Course, this is an out-of-the-box Tipping the Sacred Cow email. Simple, yet powerful.

4. Price increase email – I know people who’ve been in business for years but have never increased their prices. This could be for a physical product, info product, or a service. Especially info products and services.

People will decide “my product is $47” and never raise it. That’s silly. It’s at least worth testing a higher price.

The Emails of the Month Club has been $47/mo since the beginning. Now it’s $57/mo and gonna go up until it’s $77/mo. Each time the price is going up I’ll send an email explaining that. People tend to buy a lot before you raise a price.

So I’m issuing you a challenge. Pick a product you have and use this template to notify your audience that the price is going up. The thing you need to focus on is the reason WHY you’re raising the price.

5. Rules – I’ve used this email type twice in the last month and it’s done really well for me. I recommend picking one of the versions and adapting it to your list/market. You can either make them get the rules in your product, or you can give them some rules in the email. Up to you

You can download all these templates at the following links in PDF, Word Doc, or Text file once you buy.

Get to work deploying these and I’m sure you’ll see in increase in sales…


James “Am I even doing this right?” Langridge


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