Become a Persuasion Hitman
With These Courses

Email Marketing

8020 Email Copy Crash Course

What do you learn from writing, sending, and testing hundreds upon hundreds of emails to a list of 1.2 million subscribers? A LOT. And that’s what Ian wants to share with you today. 

How to Get Out of
The Promo Tab

This shows you how to tell if your emails are ending up in the Promo Tab and how to get them into the Primary Tab.

The Weird AF
“From Name” Training

This has consistently tripled opens, clicks, and sales without hurting deliverability. If you’re ever gotten an email from “Your Abs” or “Your Thyroid” it’s because of this training. Only offered as a bump offer with the Promo Tab training.

Emails of the Month Club Membership

Over that time Ian has found there are 5 emails that make more than all the other thousands he’s written. You get these when you join the Emails of the Month Club. Then every month after that you get 5 more of his best performing emails templates.

5 Figure Launches
from Tiny Lists

Ian gives you his exact formula for doing 5 and 6 figure launches to tiny lists of just a few thousand people. This is the same formula that a zero-marketing knowledge football coach used to make $6k in a week from a list of 1600 people. Only offered as a bump with the Emails of the Month Club.

8020 Email Copy Crash
Course Advanced

You get everything in the 8020 Email Copy Crash Course PLUS an over the shoulder writing demo with Ian, 4 webinars with Derek Johanson and Ian Stanley, and how to create your own “Frankensequences” to double your conversions.

5 Email Templates

After scouring through literally thousands of split tests of subject lines, link texts, body copy, and every other email test you can think of Ian found ALL of the most profitable emails I wrote had ONE underlying factor… then he created 5 email templates based off this ONE factor.

71 Subject Lines

Get 71 of Ian’s best subject lines for $7.

600 More Subject Lines

I put together a list of over 600 really weird subject lines that convert like crazy. Only offered as a bump offer to the 71 Subject Lines.

Welcome Email Template

It’s probably the most important email you’ll ever send. It’s proved to work with millions of actual subscribers. And perfected across dozens of tests. Built from Ian’s best lessons from his career as an email marketer. Yours for $7.

Money Mindset, Beliefs and Habits

The Money Morning Challenge

Learn about the 3 types of money, the money pyramid, and how to get the most out of each hour you work in this 7-day Challenge.

The Money Magnet Meditation

This meditation is so weird that I still have trouble understanding how it works so well. It’s wild. It’s weird. It works. Get it now if you wanna bring more money into your life. 

7 Levels of Earning

Is it possible that not all dollars are created equal? Ian explains how there are 7 Levels of Earning that dramatically change the amount of wealth you create for yourself.


Ian’s Book, Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman

Ian’s tell-all book that explains how he works as a Persuasion Hitman. Learn Ian’s 13 Rules for being a Persuasion Hitman while laughing at some of his best stories.

The Ultimate Persuasion Workshop

Ian teaches the skill of being a Persuasion Hitman. It’s the skill that took him from $10k a month to $25k to $80k a month.

The Double Your Sales
30-Day Challenge

Ian will pay you $100 to test these sales strategies. Whatever type of sales you’re involved in. What would it be worth to double what you’re doing now? Think of that number in your head. Ian gives you his best strategies and tactics for doing this for your business (or your clients) in the next 30 days.

Objections in Advance

What separates the best sales people in the world from everyone else? It’s the ability to deal with objections BEFORE or AS they arise. Only offered as a bump to Ian’s book, Confessions of a Persuasion Hitman.

Sales Inner Course

Become a world-class salesperson by focusing on the most important part of the sale: your mindset.

Action Coaching Group

The Unit

Join Ian and other Persuasion Hitmen in this exclusive group. Get your copy reviewed by Ian, access to special trainings, and become a part of a community of top level marketers.

How to Build An Online Business

One-Hour Workday

Ian teaches his exact system for creating a full-time income while working 1-hour per day. You’ll learn how to build a list, find an offer, write emails to them and make it rain.

How to Sell Your Sawdust

Get Ian’s exact system for creating brand new products from work you’re already doing. Then you can get paid over and over again without doing more work.

Exponential Income Skills

Exponential Income Skills

Learn the skills you need to increase the amount you make exponentially while working less. This is Ian’s system for how he started making a $10K+/mo income quickly as a Persuasion Hitman.


Ian teaches his exact system for creating a full-time income while working 1-hour per day. You’ll learn how to build a list, find an offer, write emails to them and make it rain.

The 500 Word Writing Challenge

What would happen if you wrote 500 words every weekday for the next 30 days?

How to Write Fast AF

This training has one purpose: to make you write faster. Most people write slow AF. The faster you write, the better it tends to be. The faster you write the more money you can make. Only offered as a bump with the 8020 Email Copy Crash Course.

How to Kill Writers Block

Learn how to write 2,000 words per hour. This stupid simple trick allows Ian to trigger writing flow states at will. You’ll write faster, better and more persuasively in 18 minutes a day.

Advanced Email Marketing

Email Copy And Deliverability Workshop

This is what happens when you combine +$100M in products sold online with over 2 billion emails sent per year. Ian and his friend Andrew Clark teach email copy and deliverability in this 3-day workshop.

Email Triggers Workshop

Ian teaches his little-known but extremely profitable system for trigger emails. These are the same trigger emails he’s used to generate 10-60X more sales per email.

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